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The Art is Out There

Visual stimulation is an important facet of our waiting room decor. Click on the links below for artistic masterpieces ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  • R.J.Matson - One of the best political cartoonists around. Evidence that the endangered species still lives.
  • The Mind-boggling - The sheer amount of weird archived commercial art here justifies the existence of the Web.
  • Official Bodé Site - Artist Mark Bode carries on the work and tradition of his father, Vaughn Bode, famous for Bode Broads, Cheech Wizard, and science fiction visions.
  • Mack White - One of the most original comic artists of the post-underground era has his own website with art, rants, and more!

Gallery of Jay Kinney Art

They say that Art is in the Eye of the Beholder. Here is some of the Doctor's art for your eyes to behold. Although he is mostly engaged in writing and editing these days, Jay Kinney is still open to commissions for illustrations and comic art. Contact