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The Political Free for All

Information (and possibly disinformation) pointing to alternative interpretations of the state of affairs and competing ideologies. Some left, some right, some elite, some whack, some "controversial," take your pick. The only thing the Doctor guarantees is that they are all grist for the mill. Given the present cleansing of supposed deplorable sites going on online, some of these links may flicker in and out of accessibility.

  • The Consortium - Independent investigative journalism site founded by Robert Parry, and carried on by his son Nate and cohorts.
  • Counterpunch - Co-founded by the late Alex Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair (who soldiers on) this newsletter punches from the left, but dares challenge the predictable PC assumptions.
  • Black Agenda Report - Savvy and fearless analysis from the black left.
  • Jacobin Magazine - Hip, academic, designer-approved, Brooklyn-based quarterly still promoting Socialism despite all evidence that the term has been hollowed out of all meaning.
  • Marxists Internet Archive - Exhaustive, possibly exhausting, effort to share writings of most significant Marxist thinkers worldwide. The site's design is kind of clunky, but with perseverance you can find a helluva lot of material. Of particular interest are the archives of scans of scads of socialist and communist magazines.
  • Chronicles Magazine - Long-running paleo-con magazine is finding a new lease on life with refreshed editorial guidance.
  • Claremont Review of Books - Well done quarterly book review published by the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy.
  • The Unz Review - The premise of Ron Unz's alternative media site is that it mixes contrarians right and left. Updated daily. However, the percentage of White Nationalists and Anti-Semites keeps rising. Still, home of Steve Sailer's iSteve, possibly the most provacative (and deadpan) blog on the right. A very mixed bag.
  • Taki's Magazine - Find herein an all-star crew of paleo-cons, alt-rightists, jolly trolls, and nose-thumbers. Jim Goad territory. Nuff said.
  • The National Interest - National and foreign policy discussed largely from a "realist" perspective.
  • Geopolitica - Internet home of Alexander Dugin, geopolitical theorist of Eurasianism and critic of "the West." Bloody genius or pernicious crank? You decide.
  • Reason Magazine - Arguably the leading libertarian magazine; certainly attuned to current news and politics. The Doctor has been known to write book reviews for it.
  • Campus Reform and The College Fix - Ongoing news from conservative college students about left shark-jumping on American campuses.
  • Heterodoxacademy - A full spectrum of college professors argue for the value of encouraging a mix of viewpoints on campus.
  • Women's Liberation Archive - The raw unadulterated source documents from Duke University archives.
  • DC Dave - Rudimentary HTML, but once you get beyond that, a sizable archive of serious conspiracy research. Dave has his pet obsessions (Thomas Merton and Vince Foster, et al), but there's plenty of good stuff here.
  • Bolerium Books - Prime source for books and ephemera from the Old Left, the New Left, the Civil Rights Movement, the Labor Movement, the LGBTQI universe, plus the Far Right in its various permutations.