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Vintage Comix II

by Jay Kinney

Cultural & Political Satire

"Rock 'n' Roll Forecast 1984" was written and drawn in 1972 for a new satire magazine to be called Grin. Plans for the magazine fell apart at the last moment, and Cloud Studios' Bill Skurski ended up re-packaging the issue's material as a one-shot underground comic with the unfortunate title of Drool. 1984 seemed off in the distant future at the time, but if you adjust the time-frame forward by twenty years, some of the predictions weren't too far off, tattooed heads and male drag bands among them.

"Friday Night at the Crimson Cougar" was produced for yet another ill-fated publishing venture, in this case a national comics (and puzzles) tabloid called The Funny Papers. It lasted about 3 issues before going under. I concocted an ongoing 1-page series to be called "Slice of Life Comics," and produced three tabloid-page strips, only one of which saw print before the venture went belly-up, in part due to lame distribution. "Where Are They Now?" is one of the never-before-published lost Funny Papers strips.

"Too Real" was the opening strip in a political comic I founded in 1978, Anarchy Comics. I was also political cartoonist for In These Times at the time. The clip-art style of this strip was to influence cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.

"Hotline to Heaven" was one of several strips I did for High Times magazine at the start of the '80s.

"Say!" was a look at the evolution (or devolution) of the counterculture, as seen from the start of the Reagan era.

"Time to Disorganize" was a 2004 exercise in bittersweet nostalgia, drawn for Wobblies!, a graphic history of the I.W.W., edited by long-time friend Paul Buhle and WWIII editor Nicole Schulman.

  • Rock n Roll Forecast 1984 -page 1
  • Rock n Roll Forecast 1984 -page 2
  • Rock n Roll Forecast 1984 -page 3
  • Rock 'n' Roll Forecast 1984
    First published in
    No.1, 1972.
    3 pages, black and white,
    ink and duotone board.
  • Friday Night at the Crimson Cougar
  • Friday Night
    at the

    First published
    The Funny
    March 1975.
    1 tabloid page,
    color, hand-
  • Where Are They Now?
  • Where Are
    They Now?

    Drawn for
    The Funny
  • Too Real - page 1
  • Too Real - page 2
  • Too Real - page 3
  • Too Real - page 4
  • Too Real - page 5
  • Too Real
    First published
    in Anarchy

    No.1, 1978.
    5 pages,
    black and
  • Hotline to Heaven
  • Hotline to Heaven
    First published in
    HighTimes Magazine
    black and white.
  • Say!
  • Say!
    First published in
    Dope Comix
    No. 4, 1981.
    1 page, color.
  • Time to Disorganize - page 1
  • Time to Disorganize - page 2
  • Time to Disorganize
    First published
    in Wobblies!
    (Verso Books) 2005.
    2 pages,
    black and