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Jay Kinney in study

Welcome stranger. The longer we continue, the more cultural collisions occur. We've been having a bumper crop this century, so far, with no letup in sight. Things get better and worse, at the same time! Idiots battle idiots and idiots win no matter who loses. Nothing can be done, but everything needs doing.

Still, all the more need for our little clinic here with our topless nurses running around doing their best to cope with the increased workload of seriously disturbed web-surfers. So, come on in and take a seat. We have a selection of unusual reading material, some elegant art on the walls, and a helpful head nurse who will be happy to take your temperature while you wait. Feeling suicidal? Stop in at the ecumenical chapel down the hall and meditate on your breath for a while. Hungry perhaps? Try some of these hot links. Mmmmm good. Feeling rather paranoid (who isn't)? Check out the conspiracy corner without further delay. Looking for startling attire or curios? Step into the Clinic Gift Shoppe. Oh, and please drop us a note if you like. Contact info: mailbox We'd love to know who has stopped by for a visit.

Astute patients will note the juxtaposition in the Clinic environment of links and value systems that would seem to be mutually exclusive. According to the Doctor's philosophy of cultural collision, mental health in the diabolical here and now requires the ability to witness and digest jarring contradictions while maintaining personal equilibrium. The Web (much like the "real" world) provides entree to a host of shockingly dissimilar ideas, sights, and sounds. The observation of such a mix of opinions and behaviors with a properly detached state of mind can lead to the expansion of consciousness or, at least, a really bad headache. Still, there are reasons to persist.

Note: Inclusion of a link in the Clinic's habitat does not necessarily imply endorsement. Should you experience a reactive state upon linking to another site, the Doctor suggests an immediate return to the Clinic for a personal consultation with the head nurse and possible consideration for our free pre-frontal lobotomy services. Most operations are available on an outpatient basis and we have had great success in retooling grumps on short notice. Especially hard cases, such as sluggish bureaucrats and SJWs, may also require extended teeth-cleaning sessions with the dental hygienists and acupuncturists who provide this public service to the Clinic on a pro-bono basis. Caveat Emptor.