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The Doctor extends his appreciation to the following good people and sources:

  • Greg Preston for the photograph at the head of my homepage. © 2003 Greg Preston
  • Dreamweaver 8, CSS Zen Garden, Dan Cederholm's Bulletproof Web Design, and Andy Budd's CSS Mastery.
  • Jay Cornell for advice and suggestions.
  • Paul Novitski for crucial help in troubleshooting.
  • Le Rire and Le Pêle-Mêle, Journals Humoristique, 1919, for ads and design inspiration.
  • Sears & Roebuck 1908 Catalog for images, and miscellaneous other sources.
  • The late lamented magazines CoEvolution Quarterly, Whole Earth Review, Gnosis Magazine, and Critique Magazine, for providing suitable homes for my writing over the years.
  • Sam Goldberger for the original nudge. And above all...
  • My patient wife Dixie, for seeing me through.