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Articles & Essays

When he isn't in the Operating Theatre or in consultation with patients, the Doctor busies himself with producing acute cultural commentaries which are often only available in alternative publications (or here at the Clinic). The articles here range over the last two decades and were, in several cases, ahead of their time.

Magazines & Newspapers

What's a waiting room without magazines and newspapers? Why not thumb through these?

  • GNOSIS - The Doctor's favorite publication and his usual venue for info dissemination during his middle adult years. GNOSIS suspended publication in the Spring of 1999, but back issues are still available — including complete sets! Order now or else. These won't be around forever.
  • New Dawn - Fringe news, controversies, from Down Under.
  • Le Monde Diplomatique - Sophisticated French political analysis in English translation.
  • Hurriyet Daily News - Keep up with the daily news in Turkey.
  • New York Observer - Get your online fix of NYC dish without having to live anywhere near New York.
  • Agence France-Presse - Can't say I think much of their lawsuit against Google News, but it never hurts to get another point of view.
  • Guardian - Oh joy! Now I don't have to fly to London to read The Guardian or The Independent.

Blogs 'n Boards

By now, you probably have your own list of favorite blogs, presuming that you bother reading blogs in the first place. So the Doctor has overhauled the list of lefty and righty blogs that was formerly here, too many of which were shills for either the Democratic Party or for neocon wingnuttery. Instead, we have a pared down list of sites that mostly defy easy ideological pigeon-holing. As with the rest of the links at the Clinic, proceed at your own risk.

  • Empire Burlesque - Chris Floyd, formerly of the Moscow Times, lays it all out in blistering fashion. Trenchant analysis of the current thugs in the cat-bird seat.
  • Arthur Silber - The guy's long-winded in his political analysis, but pierces through the fog like a laser. Mixed metaphors, anyone?
  • Informed Comment - Juan Cole provides insightful low-down on our government's interaction with the Middle East.
  • Boing Boing - These folks hardly need my endorsement; their popular blog's traffic dwarfs that of any other site listed here. There are little gems and odd news items posted on Boing Boing daily.
  • Howard Forums - Great resource for cell phone users with questions, problems, solutions, or obsessions.